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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 11, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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t the heat index atit is 105 degrees. that is the reason why tomorrow there is a heat advisory. it extends out over the eastern shore. it is going to be poor air quality print their view can see a bit of lightning. there is an area of nasty storms out in the ohio valley. that is the one that will be staying well to our south. it is beginning to dive into west virginia. it will state just to the south of washington. tomorrow, we could be seeing some thunderstorms of our own. that will be bringing us some relief. i will tell you what is coming our way later in the week. >> when temperatures climb like
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this it can prove dangerous for some people and animals. >> the temperature is in the 90's, but it feels a lot hotter with that heat index. some people are struggling and some people are succumbing to these temperatures. hospitals have been very busy today. when the temperatures at source, the sirens sound. rescue crews had a busy day racing to help those who did not hold up in the heat. the hot weather is dangerous for senior citizens. she is aware of the risks. >> a very devastating. >> if you have to be outside make it quite. >> you moved in and out of stores would air conditioning. >> this street vendors struggle
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to keep her beverages cold. >> it is very hot. it is too hot here. >> a lot of people who have to be outside appreciate the cold drinks. these construction workers watched and paid their colleagues on the roof. >> the heat is gone to bounce back in their face. >> people can load up on repressing drinks, but cats are at their owners mercy. -- but passed are at their owners of mercy. >> those of you who are anxious for some relief, we do expect it to be even hotter tomorrow. >> for more on the heat and the storm, go to we will show do the other states dealing with the extreme heat.
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a major break in the murder of a prince george's county business owner. police arrested ashley owe in murder of richard nam. >> this was a crime that affected this community. the man who owns the store and a lot of real estate was well known and well liked. you can see that there is still a memorial. a woman has now been arrested and charged with the murder. she was no stranger to the store. >> the security video shows the 23-year-old in the store just before she brutally murdered a 69-year-old shop owner and said the building on fire. his many friends say, they are relieved to hear someone has been charged.
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>> i am happy about it. i am glad they caught whoever killed him. >> he was so well liked that even today people in the neighborhood approached our camera unsolicited to share a thought about longtime merchants. >> he was a very good man. he was always respectful. >> we first nam nine years ago when his ohone -- when his own sister in law was shot and murdered in the same store break this case prove to be a challenge before detectives. she confessed to weeks ago to slashing him with a box cutter, beating him to death and buy gasoline to set a fire. >> circumstances surrounding this brutal murder are shocking. they are shocking to the community. >> they were well acquainted
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with each other and the murder arose from a dispute. they declined to be more specific. >> i do not know of this situation. they were good people. >> we went to his home today. his wife declined to comment on camera but did tell us that she is relieved that an arrest has been made. albert haynesworth was a no show in d.c. superior court today. the judge overseeing the sexual abuse case was not happy that he skipped the preliminary hearing. he is accused of groping a waitress at the w hotel last february. the trial date was set. the search is on for a man to track down his estranged girlfriend and killed him. police believe he walked up to the 33-year-old victim and shot
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her in the back. a witness spoke to us. >> a lot of new developments tonight. this is the memorial. this is the very spot where she was gunned down. we are learning more about her final moments. witnesses say she tried to save her son and police have launched a nationwide manhunt. >> davis cannot get the violent image out of this had. he saw her yelling at her eight- year-old son to run and get away moments before she was killed friday night. >> call the police, called the police. he just kept shooting her. >> witnesses watched in shock as the gunmen opened fire again and again. >> standing over her body.
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>> this guy is very dangerous he has killed two people and a last 10 years. >> court records show that smith had a violent record. >> we are looking for somebody who did hesitate when he felt like his girlfriend -- and didn't hesitate when he felt like his girlfriend was moving on without him. >> she filed for a temporary protection order against him in november of 2009. it expired when she failed to appear in court. the night before her death, she told her father that she was afraid. >> the next day i got the call. >> a lot of folks who have gone by to see this memorial. the eight-year-old was unhurt. police believe that smith is still in the area. this is a nationwide manhunt.
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a funeral is scheduled for saturday. it was anything but a normal day at the post office. check out what happened. a car smashed into the brick building. investigators said the driver was attempting to back out of a parking spot. the car crashed into a wall. no one was hurt. the building is structurally sound. if the deal is not made in the next three days -- three weeks, the government will run out of money. the president issued a warning to republicans. >> some economists say it could be a catastrophe, social security checks could go on cent. the stock market could fall.
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the interest-rate would go up, massive lay offs. president obama wants a long- term deal, saying he will not settle for piecemeal concessions. >> now is the time to deal with these issues. if not now, when? >> john boehner had agreed to discuss letting the bush tax cut expire but over the weekend he changed his mind. the sticking point? his fellow republicans. >> if the american people will not except and the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> i think i have to agree with the republican spirits -- the republicans. it should be the same for everybody. >> democrats are worried about too many cuts to entitlement programs. >> the republicans in congress
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are killing this country. when you look at the jobs report, you see the majority of jobs were lost in the public sector. yet they want to make more cuts. >> the federal government will run out of money and it could create another recession. most americans just want a deal. >> both parties need to come to an agreement so that the united states can move forward. >> if there is no deal by the deadline, it would be the first time the u.s. government has ever defaulted on its debt. if that happens credit ratings say they will downgrade the u.s. government credit rating. coming up, is pepco the most hated company and the country? sure how they are responding. >> she is a giant jellybean.
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the story is coming up. >> that is a perfect shot. >> a mix of deadly heat and dangerous storms battering much
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the gas leak has forced officials to shut down part of interstate 270 during the rush hour this evening. let's find done exactly the latest. >> good afternoon. we are still working to mitigate the break bread just before 4:00 we were called for a ruptured gas line in the area. or units arrived on the scene and they had estimated it to be a six-inch gas main that is running just off the northbound
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270 ramp. we have shot down at northbound and southbound 270 for a safety measure. we also have 121 closed. as far as time, it is hard to tell at this point. we are still in the very early stages of excavating and getting down into where we can shut this thing off. we have some commercial structures that are adjacent. most of them have shut down for the day. we have a residential area, a group of town houses, about 1,000 yards from the break itself. we have not had to do any evacuations there at this point. >> do you anticipate having to do evacuation's? >> the wind is working in our favor. this stuff is dissipating prior
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to it getting into the units. we will be working closely with the officials once the gas is reestablished as far as the proper lighting of pilot lights and things like that. we will be working in that residential area. as far as evacuation's, i do not see them in the immediate future. >> can you tell us exactly what happened? >> they have been doing construction. the break occurred at around 3:45 this afternoon. our units arrived at 3:55 and that is when they called for a materials box. it is still a very active leak. the product that you see coming out of the whole is the dirt and
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dust from inside the excavation. >> that is quite a cloud. we're watching it from a live shot right now thank you for the update. we appreciate the information. >> we will be following that. we want to turn back to the weather of. temperatures in the 90's and 100's, group half of the country from dallas to new york city. >> take a look at the spread everywhere in the country is hot right now it is a pick your poison kind of a day. the storms are leaving damage across several states. scorching heat or damaging
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plants? storms killed a 38-year-old father of six in michigan. he got his family to safety, but died after a tree fell on him. in iowa, storms poured into buildings, trees, and power lines. >> we literally lost hundreds and hundreds of trees. we have a lot of trees on top of houses. there will be days cleaning all that out. >> in north dakota, tornado sirens wailed. where it is not storming, it is sizzling. a record-breaking 111 in wichita, kansas.
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parts of 18 states have peaked advisories warning that the heat is on helping. the high temperatures are being blamed for at least one death. in milwaukee, runners and a half marathon were so dehydrated, they could not cross the finish line. >> people were passing out. >> oklahoma city has been 100 degrees or higher every day since june 29. dallas has been at a hundred for 10 consecutive days now. >> the records, by the way are in the high 90's for us in
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washington. tomorrow's record is from 1908. can you a imagine what it was like in 1908? no air-conditioning. i have a list of some of the incredible records in other parts of the country. our temperature right now is 91 degrees. because of the humidity, it is higher than that. the heat index is 104. tulsa, okla. by the way, and any records. it will not be an extended heat wave for cause. -- for us. look at indianapolis.
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the heat index is even higher out to our west. indianapolis, it feels like it is about 113 right now. we have a heat index of about 105. there was also that damaging thunderstorm. you can see that why not. it is moving into west virginia. what me take you back to when it really came out of the planes. this is what is holding it together. it was moving through chicago look at all of the lightning. a lot of those reports of damage around chicago. look at the amount of wind gusts in chicago today. earlier today 76 miles per hour. that was about 9:00 or 10:00 this morning bright not the temperature is back to 88 degrees. look at the reports from wind damage.
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more than 200 reports of wind damage. it is all because of this tremendous amount of heat and humidity. there is where the area of showers and thundershowers moves out of the northern plains. overnight tonight, it may move to our south. we will keep an eye on things right around the washington area. a weather front does come through that will begin to bring in drier air even though we will see the real heat and humidity continuing. as we get laid into the week, a break. but not tomorrow. -- as we get on into the week, a break. but not tomorrow. temperatures in washington may only be about 80 degrees tomorrow morning. they will rise to 95 or 100. the heat index tomorrow could approach 110 degrees during the afternoon. as we get into thursday, friday,
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saturday the dew points will drop by about 20 degrees. tomorrow will be a dangerously hot day. but we will be getting some nice release before the week is over. >> it is good when there is a light at the end of the tunnel. >> coming up, we had a major traffic alert for drivers going in and out of the district. >> one of the biggest movies of the year hits theaters this weekend. >> i will tell you about our areas
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[ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot.
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[ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot.t. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get yr r own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. did you see that? an amazing win. the most exciting game in u.s. soccer history. >> it does not get any better than that. >> i am in of woodbridge.
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this is where she played club soccer for 12 years. she was also a standout at her high school. everyone said they are not surprised that she pulled off what she did yesterday. when she made the death defying shot, her former teammates in prince william's county were all watching. >> my mom and i were screaming jumping around. we were so excited. >> it was amazing to see someone that you played with for so long you are just so happy for them. >> they played with her for years. >> she always brought the level of competition up. >> she was a standout at forest
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park high school. at penn state, she switched from offense to defense. sunday was her biggest game yet. she tied the game. >> what a performance. >> she is inspiring the next generation. >> i am been working hard to do it. >> it is not over yet. the u.s. has to play france in the semifinals on wednesday great if we went again we play either japan or sweden. everyone here is hoping that she will help bring home the world cup. >> we are all rooting for them. coming up, take a look at this newborn baby.
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he does not look like a newborn. he weighed in at 16 pounds. >> it was rated one of the worst companie
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we want to give you another update on the breaking news. >> a gas leak has shut down part of interstate 270.
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the eastbound lane of clarksburg road is also currently closed. we have no word on how long these roads will be closed, but the will keep you updated. >> let's get an update on the road situation. >> it is causing some very heavy delays. let's look at the back up first. that will take you at all the way to fatherly boulevard if you are taking northbound 270. that is as far as you can get if you are heading south. traffic is being diverted at 109. this is causing some very heavy delays in each direction. we are dealing with some very heavy delays, a very slow right
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now on 129 because of another accident. if you are going to take 270 consider an alternate route. >> it could be a long wait. many pepco customers are not satisfied with their power company. >> but is it one of the most hated companies in the entire country? some locals seem to agree. >> there is not a lot of love for pepco right now. it is not surprising when you factor in everything everyone has been through recently. >> it was pretty unbelievable. >> no power again and again. many people in maryland and d.c.
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did not have power for days. >> we lost it for a about a day and half. >> pepco is ranked as the most hated company in the nation by business insider. the bad marks stem from the numbers and length of outages. the average pepco customer dealt with a 70% more outages than customers of other big city utilities. bill lights stayed out more than twice as long. >> veto pepco. >> they released this statement. some people were actually sympathetic. >> petraeus are tremendous. it is really a tough -- and the trees are tremendous. it is really a tough job.
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>> obviously, they are acknowledging there is a problem. >> there is no competition out there. if they are unhappy you can not jump ship. the ratings dropped 16 points from last year. a plea from the family of a murder victim in montgomery county. relatives of julian kelly issued a another plate for the helping to find the suspects. the other suspects are in custody, but jones has eluded
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police. >> it is no longer the about uplifting me and my family. it is about of lifting a community. it puts fear into the community. >> police are taking several steps to try to catch johns. they have raised the reward money to $5,000. we have a traffic alert for anyone who drives along canal route. the first phase of work has begun and it could cause some problems for drivers. >> we are on canal road, i just a stone's throw from georgetown university. it is just to lane spread -- t wo lanes. work crews are going to take out one of these lands to help fix the broken water main.
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this afternoon they put the first shovel and the ground. this project is going to have a big impact on traffic. >> and other water main break, right? >> this is going to be a parking lot. >> the areas affected are made up of two-and 4-lane roads. they will have to gobble up lanes of traffic. >> the first phase of the project, eastbound lanes will be closed. that stretch is just to land as it is an during rush hour, on a good day traffic moves at a snail's pace. >> it is miserable.
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>> if it is something that needs to be done, it is something that needs to be done. >> talk about a long hot summer. this project will go through september. coming up, food from around the world right here in d.c. and some celebrities are getting in on all of this. >> countdown to harry potter. >> at 6:00, a local phone company cuts back on paper in a big way.
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this weekend is what all harry potter's fans have been waiting for. >> it is the end of an era. we will preview the final movie. >> i am a fan, i read all the books. >> i read the first book.
5:42 pm
>> i will lend you the rest of them. they are great. this big really does matter. the midnight thursday opening of the last harry potter movie marks the end of the most successful movie franchise industry. based on the popular novels that introduced the magic of reading to an entire generation. fasten your seat belt for harry potter's final battle. the story is intense enough to earn a pg-13 rating. >> he knows what we took. >> how is it that he knows? >> they have grown from child actors into young adults. their final movie gives us one
5:43 pm
last celebration. bad things can happen. the search for happiness peace, and good feeling among friends and family. "i really do think that harry potter is remarkable. $6.5 billion at the box office. it promotes reading which makes its old school in the best sense of the words. it is a great week. i am a big fan. >> it is hard to believe that it
5:44 pm
has been 10 years. >> the first movie came out just a few months after 9/11. it was one of those things that lifted us up. >> definitely at the right time. >> this week is a good week. >> coming up, that in hand smoke could do more than cause breathing problems. >> more from the interview with jaycee dugard.
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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me -- with hopes, dreams, challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes, preparing us for what lies ahead down our next road. colonial williamsburg. be part of the story. plan your stay at,
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with packages starting at just $99 per person per night. it is hard to believe that it really happened. jaycee dugard has now broken her silence about the 18 years stolen from her. >> she was only 14 years old and gave birth to her kidnappers child. in an interview with diane sawyer, jaycee dugard relives that day. >> having a baby --
5:48 pm
>> yes, i did. it was painful. she was beautiful. i felt like i was not alone anymore. >> three years earlier, she was kidnapped by this man. for the next 18 years she was a helpless victim of this drug field reims and repeated sexual assaults. this despite 16 home visits. they never bothered to check the backyard. >> that is what fueled the fire, the al. that i have. >> think about taking those two girls and running. >> it was not something i felt i could do. >> because? >> the situation felt like it
5:49 pm
was not an option. >> i remember you shouting. my daughter. i was crying. >> she tells her complete story and a new book. every state is amazing -- an amazing new chapter. >> she is a remarkable person. how important information about the effects of secondhand smoke on children. children exposed to secondhand smoke have a 50 pursed -- a 50% chance of having a learning disability. children who have -- they were 78% of likely to smoke.
5:50 pm
even their babies are born bake bread we want you to meet this baby. he was born last friday and weighed in at 16 pounds. he is already 2 feet long. is-and says his son already has a nickname. people are calling him "mo ose." >> i am just excited that he is here. >> i'd bet she is so tired. previously, her biggest baby weighed 8 pounds, half the size. is a look at what is coming
5:51 pm
up in prime time. only six men remain on "the bachelorette." that is on added o'clock. -- that is on at 8:00. there is a new severe thunderstorm watch that has come out for folks into the shenandoah valley, west of maryland. this is until 10:00. there is a nasty line. that was the one that did all the damage in chicago. much of that will be heading into the south of the washington area. by 10:00 or 11:00, there could be some leftovers right around us. a lot of damage reports, as i showed you earlier. tomorrow, are temperatures will
5:52 pm
be in the high 90's. the heat index will make it to feel like it is 110 degrees. not as hot or humid on wednesday. downright comfortable as we get into thursday or friday. you can always go to she is our resident soccer experts. >> i went to camp with her, can you believe that? here is an indication of how popular women's soccer has gotten overnight. she and 16 followers -- $16,000 on twitter. 90 seconds to go, checker out. -- check her out.
5:53 pm
adrenaline for team usa she gets redemption. it is do or die for the u.s. she puts it away and the u.s. wins 5-3. >> we believe that we can win this tournament. i do not know if you could write a better script. >> things have come full circle. he is now an associate goaltending coach. he was at the rookie camp today. he was addressing the media for the first time since his first -- his new position was announced three years ago, he
5:54 pm
was a fan favorite. he has started a new chapter. he is ready for his career reunion. very excited when we caught up with him. >> time heals all wounds. everybody was ready to move on. this is just another process in that. i am glad that i am back. i do not bring up the past, i just move forward. >> good for him.
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25 -- 25,000 people from all of the world have converged on d.c. for the fancy food show. >> it brought together the veggies and cheese, olives and chocolates. thousands of buyers and 2400
5:58 pm
exhibitors, and they called it the fancy food show. >> to go around and we check to see what are the new flavors. >> candy? how about a harry potter portrait made of 14,000 jellybeans? >> what is great not to love about it? >> she stepped in to promote her lady marmalade hot sauce. >> i used to go in the garage and make my own hot sauce. >> the showed filled -- a show filled both levels of the convention center. >> barbecue ribs from --
5:59 pm
how is business? >> it is good. you can see the line, we are busy. >> normally the show is at new york, it is here this next year and -- this year and next. i'm fortunate, it is not open to the public. you have to be a member to attend. >> you have to be a member or be sam. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6. we continue to fall or breaking news in clarksburg, md.. a fast break highest close down part of 270. >> northbound 270 is closed. the eastbound lane of


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